Although customers do not interact directly with the back office department, the quality of these operations can impact their satisfaction level. This is the reason back office support is as important as front end operations.

The major focus of the back office support executives is to avoid the error and deliver visible results. We, at Doxify Solutions, have a specialized team for every back office support process.

Back office support services offered by Doxify Solutions

A lot of organizations and brands have used our services to manage their multiple operations. We provide following back office services:

Data Entry: The data entry experts at Doxify Solutions provide a huge volume of work without compromising with the quality.

Chat and email support: To match the expectations of modern day customer, our chat and email support executives offer instant response to queries or feedback.

Content Development: Our content development experts spread the message of your brand in a creative manner. The main aim is to engage customers and increase the traffic on your website.

Data research & analysis: Through our data research techniques, you can receive some useful insights on industry trends and consumer behavior.

IVR services: If your business needs interactive voice response to transfer the calls within the organization or to interact effectively with customers, you can contact us. We will analyse the needs of your business and design the IVR menus accordingly.

Features of back office solutions:

  • Dependency on latest technology
  • Quality assurance for each back office process
  • The clients can contact us 24×7 for their queries
  • Customization of processes according to the business

These attributes have made us a well-known back office solutions provider in Lucknow. A lot of companies from Gurgaon region have also contacted for these solutions.